What is PAT testing and is it a necessity?

PAT Testing stands for portable appliance testing. This is the process of checking all portable electrical appliances within your work place are safe for purpose and are not at risk of causing any damage to the work environment or an injury to a member of staff.

Although the law does not state that you must […]

Annual Calibration

So it’s time for the annual calibration of your PAT Tester!

Why should I get my PAT Tester calibrated?

Annual calibration ensures that your PAT Tester is accurately measuring and testing your portable electrical appliances. All electrical measuring equipment requires calibration; the sensitive nature of the equipment and the importance of outcome means that to ensure […]

Essential Electrical Safety Tips

As we return to work after the festive break. It is important to follow some electrical safety tips in order to avoid accidents and fires in the home and in the workplace.

The Christmas period and winter months is the highest risk period for fires in the home. By following our essential electrical safety tips, […]

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Free PAT Testing Course – Bored in the office over Christmas?

Are you going to be bored in the office over the festive period? Fancy trying our Free PAT Testing Course? On your own holding the fort, but not exactly loads to do?

Here is a completely free way of entertaining yourself and learning a new skill at the same time!

Take […]

Electrical Socket Overload Calculator

Have you seen the electrical socket overload calculator from the team at Electrical Safety First?Electric socket overload calculator

It’s a great tool for making sure your electrical sockets aren’t overloaded. It is really important because overloaded sockets are far more likely to result in fire or […]

Electrical Fires in the Home

Electrical fires in the home make up over half of the accidental fires in the UK according to www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk .

Most electrical fires in the home are caused by electrical products being misused or are faulty.

Half of all appliance fires start in the kitchen. Cooking appliances and white goods being the main offenders.

To help prevent […]

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Fuse Tips for PAT Testers

2 quick fuse tips for PAT Testers:

When you PAT Test you must always start with the visual inspection and part of this inspection should include checking that the correct fuse is in the appliance.

Most new appliances come to you with a moulded plug and the moulded plug will have a fuse already in it, […]

How to do a visual inspection

The visual inspection is a crucial starting point to the PAT Testing process. It is vital that your employees know how to carry out a visual inspection. According to the Health and Safety Executive employees and employers are jointly responsible for the inspection and maintenance of portable electrical appliances.  (You can read about this […]

Failed the I Leak Test

My appliance has failed the I Leak test. I wasn’t expecting it to fail,

Check out our flow chart. It takes you through whether or not the appliance has really failed or whether by checking the parameter it is in fact a Pass.

ILeak FailIn certain cases […]