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Electrical Fire Safety Week

Monday January 23 to Sunday 29 January is Electrical Fire Safety Week.
The national awareness campaign is run by Fire Kills and the Electrical Safety Council in a bid to tackle one of the biggest causes of house fires in the country. The campaign, aimed at householders, includes some of the following advice that is […]

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Plug Horrors!

Last week an elderly relative asked someone to look at the old lamp in her rented furnished home. She said it had made a crackling sound before going out and although replaced the bulb with a new one, she had flicked the power switch and nothing happened.
The plug top was removed to check the […]

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What Is PAT Tester Calibration & Why Do It?

Your PAT Tester should be calibrated to ensure it continues to measure correctly. The worst case scenario, should this not be done, is that you may not be able to substantiate your readings and PAT Testing findings should a claim be made against you. After […]

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Do I PAT test class 3 items?

When carrying out the electrical test part of PAT testing, it is only Class 1 and Class 2 appliances that need to be tested using the PB500 machine. Class 3 appliances (which are those that can run independently of electrical power such as mobile phones) don’t require an electrical test, but do require the […]

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