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PAT Testing Different Class Electrical Appliances

Before carrying out PAT Testing on any class of appliance a thorough visual check is required. You need to be checking for cracks, loose parts and screws, damage to the outer casing and burn marks. You need to ensure wires aren’t crushed or grazed, and on the plug you need to check the casing for cracks […]

Which Office Electrical Appliances Should Be Checked?

The HSE (Health and Safety & Executive) advises that generally most office appliances will require visual checks for obvious signs of damage and simple tests can be carried out by any competent member of your staff. They required that ‘reasonable’ measures are taken to ensure staff and workplace safety, and this would therefore cover […]

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Electric Product Safety Conference 2013

Electrical Conference

‘Safety of electrical products – a 360 approach’ is the title given to this year’s Electrical Product Safety Conference. 2013 will be the conferences third installment to date and will be taking place on the May 16th at Church House in Westminster, London.

The keynote speaker opening the […]

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Plastics Manufacturer Fined for Electric Hazards

Plastic manufacturer Techplas Limited, based on the Chilton Industrial Estate in Sudbury, has been fined £10,000 because electric fittings at their product site were deemed to be dangerous.

The original investigation took place in 2011 after the issues were first noticed while Health and Safety Executive were carrying out another unrelated investigation into a separate […]