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Tougher Penalties for Manufacturers Delaying Product Recalls

The electrical Safety Council (ESC) have stated they would like manufacturers to be open to unlimited fines for slow or inadequate product recalls after figures show that the current recall system isn’t protecting consumers in the UK. Their concerns are largely related to the growing number of serious incidents because of recalled products that […]

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UK Fire and Injury Statistics

If you divide all the fires that took place in the UK between 2006 and 2011 that were caused by electric appliances into categories, the data shows that the most common causes were kitchen or cable related. On average kitchen appliances were accountable for 70-74% of electrical fires in the UK. Cables and connections […]

Summer is Around the Corner!

Sunshine Many office fans came out of storage last week after the UK got a couple of days of what felt like summer. While this is great news with regards to the weather it does have implications on office safety as we see a spike in commercial […]