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Seven tips for PAT testing in Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Boy using computer at school

Boy using computer at school

Keeping students, staff and visitors safe in the school environment is something that often lies with the maintenance team. An educational establishment is used daily by hundreds of people and therefore wear and tear […]

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Why choose a PAT Testing Machine instead of hiring in a company?


Checking for electrical safety

In-house PAT testing at a hairdressers

You can of course hire a company to come in and do your PAT testing, so why get a PAT test machine and carry out these tests yourself?

Save Money.

If you have a large […]

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I have the PB500 PAT testing kit – What now?

So you’ve bought your kit, and you’re wondering what on earth to do next! Here are some handy steps to cover the important basics:

Learn How To Use It
Obvious but crucial, of course you need to be competent at using this piece of equipment. We are, after all, dealing with safety here, so the person […]

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