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Tip of the day – cleaning your PAT tester

Useful cleaning solution to clear marks

Cleaning the PAT tester

When working in a tough environment such as a building site, the PAT tester can get a little marked over time. Our tip of the day is to use […]

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Product Recall – risk of electric shock

Etronix Recall April 2014Products recalled:

Etronix Energy Station 220

Etronix Energy Station 350

Barcode Numbers: 5055323947278 & 5055323947285

Distributed by CML Distribution.

Incorrectly designed and manufactured in China, these two products pose a risk of electric shock.
Stop using this product immediately and return to CML […]

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** Staff Profile **

The face behind the voice.

The face behind the voice.

Often when you get a little stuck and need some technical advice, you will speak to our head of technical Dale. He’s been working for Parker Bell for many years and has got to […]

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What is the initial frequency of PAT inspection and testing?

In order to carry out PAT testing, there needs to be a schedule devised on how often to test, according to each appliance. Therefore not every appliance will require an electrical test every year. Some can be tested every couple of years while others may need testing every few months.

In order to provide some […]

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What to do with a recalled product

When a product is found to have a manufacturing fault, reputable manufacturers and retailers have a duty to issue a product recall. These notifications will be on their website and they will also contact those that have sent in a product registration card.
The recalls will also be displayed on the websites of Trading Standards […]

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Why many Care Homes are opting to PAT test in house.

Many care homes now have their maintenance team assigned to carry out Portable Appliance Testing.

Hundreds of Care Homes up and down the country have opted in to use Parker Bell test machines to carry out their checks.

There are many benefits to carrying out PAT testing in house. One is that the residents are familiar […]

Asda Plastic Kettle Product Recall – Fire Risk

Asda are recalling some of their plastic kettles.

Products affected:
Barcode: 0505244981227, 0505244981228, 0505244981229, 0505244920804, 0505244920805, 0505244920790
Model number: WK8282H-S, WK8282H-W, WK8282H-B

Sold at: Asda (£11.95)
A small number of these products sold after October 2011 present a ‘fire safety risk’.
Please stop using this product immediately and either dispose of it or return to Asda for a full refund. […]

How to PAT test 110v

Those in the building trade know only too well that the suggested Initial Frequency of Testing schedule of every three months very often continues on indefinitely. Portable appliances such as work tools are often used in harsh environments with ongoing wear and tear.
Parker Bell’s PB500 is a rugged PAT tester suitable for testing in […]

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Landlords and Electrical Safety

Landlords have a legal duty to ensure the property they rent out is electrically safe, both before and during the tenancy.

To address this, Electrical Safety First  has produced a guide for to Landlords understand their responsibilities for electrical safety in their rented properties. The guide is downloadable from their website

Welcome to our new website!

All of us at Parker Bell hope you will enjoy an even better shopping experience with our new website, built by specialist e-commerce web design company Daneswood in Exeter.

We listened to our customers and when they told us they wanted an easier process at checkout, we set that as our […]

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