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Share a PAT Tester

Share a PAT Tester – it might just work for you!

Would you like the flexibility of having a PAT Tester, the ability to check your appliances when it suits you?

It really does make sense.

Some of our customers thought it would be too expensive for them, even though the reality is that it will only […]

Your own PAT Tester for £70 a year

Having your own PAT Tester need only cost around £70 a year.

We talk a lot about the benefit of having your own PAT Tester, but you might think that they cost a lot of money, and then even more money to maintain.

It’s true that a PAT Tester, like any electrical measuring equipment need to […]

You can be an efficient PAT Tester

Be an efficient PAT Tester

Tips to help you be an efficient PAT Tester.

  • Work out what needs to be tested. If you don’t already have a schedule or register of appliances, make one. The type of appliance where an how it’s used determined how frequently it needs testing. Make a note if you think a […]
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Asset Management tips

Asset management tips for you and your business.

If you run a small business, maintaining your portable electrical appliances is not always at the top of your priority list. Yet we are all reliant on them doing their job when we need them. The kettle or coffee maker alone keeps everyone going day in and day […]


Cute little girl cleaning carpet with vacuum cleaner.

Protect your tenants

It is a fact that there are more accidents in the home than there are in the workplace. This is because in the workplace, the Electricity at Work act 1989 says that employers […]

PAT Testing a fan

So, PAT Testing a fan with a metal spindle. It’s important that you do, after all they are probably higher risk than many of the other appliances you have in your office. They are often moved around, plugged and unplugged quite frequently so this makes them slightly higher in risk. They also need thorough […]

3 tips to speed up your PAT Testing

PB500 PAT Tester equipment for PAT TestingIf you haven’t PAT Tested before, it can seem a bit daunting, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Don’t be put off, just break it down in to easy chunks and you’ll get […]