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PAT Testing law

PAT Testing Law and You.

Some people are confused about PAT Testing law. There is no law that says you must PAT Test, the fact that there is no law however doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do it. For example, if you have business premises and you employ more than one person, you have […]

PAT Test an extension lead

Do you need to PAT Test an extension lead?

Extension leads are used across homes and offices to enable you to use electrical appliances more easily and conveniently. They are designed to be used in the short term, so if you find that you need to use one all the time, you should get an electrician […]

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Electrical Safety in the Home

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Top Tips for electrical safety in the home





Landlords PAT Testing

It makes sense for Landlords to PAT Test

As a landlord you have lots of responsibilities to your tenant. Did you know that PAT Testing can help you demonstrate that you have taken the best possible steps to ensure your tenants safety?

If you supply any portable electrical appliances in your properties it makes sense to […]

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PAT Test a Phone Charger

Do you know how to PAT Test a phone charger?

Did you know you should PAT Test – phone charger?

Mobile phone chargers are like any other portable electrical appliance so, they need to be assessed for risk and scheduled for inspection in the same way all your others appliances are. The frequency of inspection, or […]

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PAT Test a Broadband Router

You can PAT Test a broadband router in the same way you would any other portable electrical appliance.

It is simple and quick to carry out the test, and should only need testing every year of two years depending on other risk factors specific to your business.

As with any PAT test, the first thing to do […]

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