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PAT Testing in Schools and Care Homes

Who does the PAT Testing in Schools and Care Homes and other vulnerable premises?

Many are opting to do PAT Testing in house.  PAT Testing in Schools and Care Homes is every bit as important as PAT Testing anywhere else. However the challenge is to get the PAT Testing done causing as little disruption as […]

PAT Testing Tips – 3 Top Tips to speed you up

Read our 3 Top Tips for PAT Testing

If you haven’t PAT Tested before, it can seem a bit daunting.

Don’t be put off, just break it down in to easy chunks and you’ll get through it in no time! Save time up front by assessing up front what you need to do. We have put […]

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PAT Test Labels

PAT Test Labels – Where to stick them!

This is an interesting one. Where should you stick your PAT Test label? We commonly see them stuck on the plug. But is this the best place for them? Often sticking the PAT Test label on the plug is not the best place at all.

For example:  A […]

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PAT Tester – a perk?

You can buy PAT Tester

Our customers tell us that they lend their machines to their employees. It may not seem like the most exciting perk of your job, but when you think about how many fires there are in the home rather than in workplace, there has to be a reason.

The evidence is that […]

PAT Test Frequency – Not one size fits all

PAT Test Frequency is not set in stone; there are no statutory periods for inspection and testing. There is no law  dictating the frequency of PAT Testing. This is because the PAT test frequency is determined by the following factors:

  • Where the appliance is used (high or low risk environment)
  • What the equipment does. (Work with water, […]
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