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PAT Tester Calibration

Does my PAT Tester need to be calibrated?

Yes. All electrical measuring equipment needs regular calibration to ensure that it is working properly and measuring accurately.  The reason you need you PAT Tester calibrated s because any tests carried out using a machine that does not have a valid calibration certificate would be deemed invalid. […]

Register your appliances? You should!

Do you register appliances? We have all seen the slip of paper as we unpack our shiny new appliance, but have you actually bothered to go to the website, or fill in the form and send it back?  By not registering a new appliance you could miss out on vital information, which ultimately could […]

Electrical Safety First at home and at work

Is an excellent website that practical advice and tips to reduce the risk of fires and electrical accidents.

Electrical Safety First runs general awareness campaigns to educate people about the dangers of electricity as well as initiatives covering specific areas of risk such as product, fire and child safety.

They carry out consumer attitude […]


PAT Test at home.

It’s worth considering PAT Tests at home. Fires in the home occur frequently due to the ever increasing number of appliances used but you can reduce the risk of having a fire by inspecting and maintaining appliances in the same way as most business’s do. You do not need to have any qualifications, you […]