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Christmas 2018 Opening

Parker Bell Christmas Op

Please feel free to email us, or order online. All email and orders will be responded to and mailed on our return to the office. You can also continue to book calibrations online, we will arrange courier collections when we get back.

Our […]

PAT Testing rented accommodation

The law is very clear. Landlords must ensure that electrical appliances must ensure that they are safe. It makes sense that to ensure this is the the case; appliances must be regularly inspected and maintained. Most business owners are clear about what they need to do. Can the same be said of landlords?

PAT Testing […]

Electrical safety for Students

As summer turns to autumn, students are gathering their belongings and heading off to College & University in droves. For many this will be their first experience of living on their own. There are a million and one things to organise at this time, but I suspect electrical safety isn’t high on the list. […]

Charity Shop PAT Testing

We had some lovely feedback from one of our long standing customers about Charity Chop PAT Testing. One of the RSPCA Charity shops that use our PAT Tester was buying an online course certificate. Their shops raise lots of money for their charity and they have the added advantage of raising funds by selling […]

Free PAT Testing Guides

When we send out one of our new PAT Testing kits, we always include our Free PAT Testing Guide.

PAT Testing is fairly straightforward, but we get excellent feedback for our Free PAT Testing guide, as it’s concise and easy to follow. Our customers tell us it comes in very handy when they need to […]

Appliance safety in the home

Working for a company that sells PAT Testers and runs training courses; is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects relating to electrical safety in the workplace. You would think; as employees; our own homes would be as safe as houses and appliance safety would be paramount. Wrong! We have just been reminded of the importance […]

PAT Testing in Care Homes

Reducing the risk of accidents and fires is the main reason for doing PAT Testing in Care Homes. There are lots of resources to help you understand your legal obligations and responsibilities if you run; or manage a home. Every member of the team needs to play their part in reducing risks. The HSE […]

Best PAT Tester?

So what is the best PAT Tester Kit around.

We might be a bit biased, but we know it is the Standard PAT Testing Kit from Parker Bell. As a small company, trying to ensure that we meet all the health and safety regulations, we designed the kit to do the job without bells and […]

You can PAT Test!

For lots of businesses it makes sense to do your own PAT Testing. You can PAT Test! You can use your own staff and PAT Test at a time that’s convenient to you and your business.

Do I need to be qualified to PAT Test?HSG 107 Competent person PAT [...]
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Product safety recalls – New code of practice

There is a new code of practice for product safety recalls. The code is voluntary but provides clear guidance for retailers needing to recall faulty products.

What are Product Safety Recalls?Electric socket overload calculator

When a retailer or manufacturer becomes aware of a fault or design issue […]