It is exactly what it says it is. A free online PAT Testing Course. The team at Parker Bell recognize that if everyone did PAT Testing, we would be safer. A regular visual inspection at home and at work will definitely reduce the risk of fire or accident. So we put together the free online PAT Testing course so that anyone and everyone can have a go. Click below to give it a go!

free online pat testing course

PAT Testing in the workplace

PAT Testing - Free online pat testing course

You have a responsibility to inspect and maintain portable electrical appliances. Not just the employer but the employee as well. As an employee you need to take responsibility and check that the appliances you use are maintained and used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. The employer or duty holder needs to ensure that formal inspections are carried out as well. These can easily be carried out in house, by anyone that feels competent enough to do so.


Basically competency can be determined using paragraph 50 of the HSG107

PAT Testing competent person

The PB500 PAT Tester

The PB500 is a really easy to use PASS / FAIL PAT Tester and features in our free online pat testing course. It certainly meets the needs for most people working in low risk environments such as offices, shops, dentists, doctors, schools, universities and so on. When you buy any PB500 PAT Testing kit, you will receive our instructional DVD. This DVD covers everything you need to know when you start PAT Testing, even down to what to do if an appliance fails and you don’t think it should have. The DVD and the free online PAT Testing course also cover in full what you need to do when carrying out a full visual inspection. Many many faults are found at this stage and it should always be done at the start of the process.

Record ResultsRecords & maintenance binder

It is really important to record the test outcomes. We do cover how to do this on the course. You need to be prepared in case there is an accident or fire. By keeping records, you can easily demonstrate to your insurer or Health and Safety inspector your inspection routine.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask. A competent person knows what to do. That means even when they don’t know what to do, they find out. So if you are unsure about anything at all when you’re PAT Testing, you need to find the answer. In short a competent person doesn’t have to know EVERYTHING! If when you are PAT Testing, you have a situation where you are stuck and don’t know what to do, give us a call on 01392 364933. We can talk you through it. If it is outside of these hours and you are concerned about whether an appliance should Fail, mark it as failed and remove it from use, until such time as you can check with us. The free online PAT Testing course will help to boost your confidence, but there are other options.

Formal Competency PAT Tester TrainingPAT Tester TRaining Course. hands on training

If you want to do PAT Testing but after having completed the free online PAT Testing course you still aren’t feeling confident. You will certainly benefit from our one day practical PAT Testing course. This course is run with no more than 8 people in attendance. You will cover all aspects of PAT Testing and most importantly will have plenty of time to do practical PAT Testing. You will definitely leave brimming with confidence. If you want to find out more about our hands-on PAT Testing course, please checkout our website page here or call us on 01392 364933.

PAT Testing DVD

Checkout an excerpt from our DVD and the course below: