Best PAT Tester?

So what is the best PAT Tester Kit around.

We might be a bit biased, but we know it is the Standard PAT Testing Kit from Parker Bell. As a small company, trying to ensure that we meet all the health and safety regulations, we designed the kit to do the job without bells and […]

You can PAT Test!

For lots of businesses it makes sense to do your own PAT Testing. You can PAT Test! You can use your own staff and PAT Test at a time that’s convenient to you and your business.

Do I need to be qualified to PAT Test?HSG 107 Competent person PAT [...]
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Product safety recalls – New code of practice

There is a new code of practice for product safety recalls. The code is voluntary but provides clear guidance for retailers needing to recall faulty products.

What are Product Safety Recalls?Electric socket overload calculator

When a retailer or manufacturer becomes aware of a fault or design issue […]

Fire safety for Small Businesses

Regardless of the size of your business, fire safety is vital. breaches of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 states that employees must make premises safe for anyone entering them.  While courts hold sentencing powers, breaches of Health & Safety, limitless fines can be imposed.

So how do small businesses comply?

It is advisable […]

Competent Person

So what is a competent person? It seems that all places of work need to have a competent person, so when it comes to PAT Testing and health & safety in general, how do you know if you are competent or not?

The Health and Safety Executive do give some guidance, which can be found […]

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Appliance Recalls

Last year faulty electrical goods were responsible for more than 4,500 fires in the UK alone.  Many of these could have been avoided by checking the safety of the appliances within your home.

516 recall notices were submitted last year but of those products only 10 to 20 percent of the recalled appliances were returned. […]

What is PAT testing and is it a necessity?

PAT Testing stands for portable appliance testing. This is the process of checking all portable electrical appliances within your work place are safe for purpose and are not at risk of causing any damage to the work environment or an injury to a member of staff.

Although the law does not state that you must […]

Annual Calibration

So it’s time for the annual calibration of your PAT Tester!

Why should I get my PAT Tester calibrated?

Annual calibration ensures that your PAT Tester is accurately measuring and testing your portable electrical appliances. All electrical measuring equipment requires calibration; the sensitive nature of the equipment and the importance of outcome means that to ensure […]

Essential Electrical Safety Tips

As we return to work after the festive break. It is important to follow some electrical safety tips in order to avoid accidents and fires in the home and in the workplace.

The Christmas period and winter months is the highest risk period for fires in the home. By following our essential electrical safety tips, […]

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