Reducing the risk of accidents and fires is the main reason for doing PAT Testing in Care Homes. There are lots of resources to help you understand your legal obligations and responsibilities if you run; or manage a home. Every member of the team needs to play their part in reducing risks. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) publish this useful information:

You can also checkout the HSG107 which is prepared and free to use by the Health & Safety Executive below:

HSG107 Maintaining portable electrical appliances

PAT Testing in Care Homes

What should you do?

While reducing risks can be everything from keeping walkways clear and the home itself clean and tidy; PAT Testing in care homes has to be a priority. While the duty holder might have overall responsibility every employee is also jointly responsible for inspecting and maintaining that appliances are safe to be used. For example, a cleaner using a vacuum or steam cleaner, needs to know how to check for signs of damage or wear and tear.

It is best not to assume that people will do these checks as a matter of course, as some employees might assume that that it is the employers sole responsibility to provide safe equipment. Which it is! However; the employer can only take so much responsibility. The user of the equipment should ensure that the equipment is used and stored correctly (in line with their job requirement) and carry out regular visual inspections to ensure that the appliance is safe for them to use.

Free Training

So how to train your staff carry out these visual inspections? PAT Testing in Care Homes and most other businesses is pretty straightforward. There are various resources available on the internet and YouTube. Since you do not need any formal qualifications you can even find free resources to make it cost effective for you. 

We run a free online PAT Testing course, which takes approximately 45 minutes to do. It covers the fundamentals of PAT Testing, everything from the legal situation to do a PAT Test and keeping records to show what you have done. The best part for employers is part of the course is devoted to the visual inspection. So by ensuring that your team do the course you can ensure that you plug any training gaps.

The course is free to do, just go to

Help & Advice

If you are looking for an easy to use PAT Testing kit so that you can do your own PAT Testing in Care Homes, do the course, and benefit from the discounted kit offer at the end. You can also ring us 9am until 5pm from Monday to Friday for free technical support and advice.  01392 364933