Read our 3 Top Tips for PAT Testing

If you haven’t PAT Tested before, it can seem a bit daunting.

Don’t be put off, just break it down in to easy chunks and you’ll get through it in no time! Save time up front by assessing up front what you need to do. We have put together our 3 top tips for when you first start out.
1. Work room by room, this way you don’t need to keep moving around. Make sure that you have everything you need before you start and set up a working area so that you complete the labels and record results.
2. Think about what needs testing, make a list and note how often. The frequency of PAT Testing is determined by risk, how often an appliance is plugged or unplugged, whether they are used with water, and whether the environment or user is high risk. You can find out more here: INDG236
3. Group the appliances to be tested into type, Class I, Class II or Lead. This helps you complete the tests quicker as you can get into a routine.
Don’t forget, if you have any problems or get stuck while testing, just call our friendly technical team for free advice.

PAT Testing Tips

Top tips from Dale