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Calibration Service

PAT Tester Calibration is required annually to ensure that your machine is working correctly.

As part of the PAT Tester calibration we will service and clean your machine.

There are two ways of getting your machine calibrated. The simplest if you live on the UK mainland (but not in the highlands of Scotland) Is by using the online calibration service below 

Annual PAT Tester Calibration
  £64.50 (£77.40 inc tax)

The PB500 Easy PAT Testing kit comes with everything you need to start PAT Testing. The kit comes with the PAT Tester, Carry Case, Test Lead, IEC Lead, Instructional DVD, Technotrend Screwdriver, Binder with appliance test records register and labels, 6 x AA Batteries and a 2 year Warranty.

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