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Earth Test Lead & Probe & Clip - PAT Tester Accessories

Earth Test Lead & Probe & Clip P009PB



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This lead is used to connect the PB500 Easy PAT Tester to the earth point on portable electrical appliances. It has a detachable clip so the earth test lead can be used as a probe in places where the clip can't go.

The PAT Test lead probe & clip is included with the PB500 Easy PAT Tester Kit.

You can also use the lead with the Seaward Primetest 100, Seaward Primetest 50 as well as the PAC500 SP * PAC500 XP machines 

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Earth Continuity

Pass Limit

0.2 Ohms


+/- 0.03 Ohms

Test Current

200mA minimum

Test Voltage

9V nominal

Insulation Resistance

Pass Limit

1.0M Ohms CL I

2.0M Ohms CL II

2.0M Ohms Mains Cord


+/- 0.1M Ohms

Test Voltage

Test Current

>1mA into 500k Ohms

Test Current

<2mA into 2k Ohms

Cord Test

Earth continuity, insulation resistance as above. Check for Live and Neutral open circuit, short circuit or reversed polarity.

Environmental Rating

Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 40°, without moisture condensation.
Storage Temperature Range -25° to 65° Batteries should be removed prior to storage.
Overvoltage Category 300V CAT II 

The IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspections and Testing of Electrical Equipment (4th Edition) states that "The accuracy of a test instrument be verified annually or in accrodance with the manufacturer's instructions." 

"Such machine testing should be carried out by a formal calibration house, and the testing of the test leads should be assessed at the time of calibration."