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Pass & Fail Labels - PAT Tester Accessories

PASS/FAIL Self-adhesive Labels P001PB



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Each pack comprises of 504 green pass labels and 21 red fail labels.

These labels should be added to the body of the appliance tested whenever possible, particularly in the case where there is a detachable lead. This will help avoid confusion if another lead was subsequently used.

There is sufficient space on these labels to add the following required information:

Appliance ID
Date of Test
ID of Tester


Your first batch of PASS/FAIL Labels is included as part of the PB500 Easy PAT Tester Kit.

Additional individual sheets available on request.

Earth Continuity

Pass Limit

0.2 Ohms


+/- 0.03 Ohms

Test Current

200mA minimum

Test Voltage

9V nominal

Insulation Resistance

Pass Limit

1.0M Ohms CL I

2.0M Ohms CL II

2.0M Ohms Mains Cord


+/- 0.1M Ohms

Test Voltage

Test Current

>1mA into 500k Ohms

Test Current

<2mA into 2k Ohms

Cord Test

Earth continuity, insulation resistance as above. Check for Live and Neutral open circuit, short circuit or reversed polarity.

Environmental Rating

Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 40°, without moisture condensation.
Storage Temperature Range -25° to 65° Batteries should be removed prior to storage.
Overvoltage Category 300V CAT II 

The IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspections and Testing of Electrical Equipment (4th Edition) states that "The accuracy of a test instrument be verified annually or in accrodance with the manufacturer's instructions." 

"Such machine testing should be carried out by a formal calibration house, and the testing of the test leads should be assessed at the time of calibration."