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PAT Tester Kits

The PB500 is the easy to use portable appliance tester designed for all business types. 

  • Easy to use and reliable PAT Tester.
  • Hand held and battery operated.
  • Pass or Fail Outcomes with readings.
  • Full 2 year warranty (extendible to 9 years*) 

Choose from one of our superbly designed cost effective PAT Tester Kits below; they are designed so that you save money on buying all the accessories seperately.

If you are just looking to upgrade your machine, you can buy the machine on its' own. Please let us know at the time of ordering if you need a DVD.

Any questions please don't hesitate to call use on 01392 364933 

*Calibrate annually with Parker Bell and have your warranty for internal component failure extended automatically for up to 9 years. 

PB500 PAT Tester
  £236.00 (£283.20 inc tax)

Easy to use Pass / Fail PAT Tester with readings.  Ideal for existing PAT Testers looking to trade up the machine only. This PAT Tester...

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PB500 PAT Tester - Standard Kit
  £255.00 (£306.00 inc tax)

Our most popular PAT Testing kit. The PB500 comes with everything a small business needs to start doing their own PAT Testing.  The PB500 Easy...

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PAT Tester Kit - Premium
  £275.00 (£330.00 inc tax)



In stock

PAT Tester Kit - Construction Kit
  £280.00 (£336.00 inc tax)

The PB500 PAT Tester kit is ideal for tradesmen working on construction sites. It is robust, hand held and battery operated making it's an easy piece of...

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PAT Tester Deluxe Kit
  £325.00 (£390.00 inc tax)

The Deluxe PAT Tester Kit offers everything you need to start doing your own PAT Testing with the addition of some amazing branded accessories that ensure...

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